We asked some of our best earning girls what they thought were the best things to sell.. We were surprised by the answers..

Annie, our founder..

Annie, our founder..

Quite a few of the girls asked, said that their best selling items where personalized pictures and worn panties.

It is really easy to ‘theme’ a set of photos for someone. I write their name somewhere sexy and then proceed to take about 10 – 15 really good pics, then I charge them between £5 and £10 for them. The best bit is that set then go in my members area. So I can charge for them over and over.. Naomi.

Naomi hit the nail on the head with this. She sells a set of photos that someone has requested, then after they have received them and are happy, she adds a copy of them to her members area. They she charges a one of fee of £49 for people to access that.

When Naomi builds up the amount of photos and videos she has in the members area, she is planning on charging a monthly membership.


I don’t know why but looooads of guys wanna buy dirty knickers. For a standard pair I wear them for about a day, pop them in a plastic bag, with a signed pic or two and post them off. I charge £25 for a basic pair (with pics) but you can do loads more and really pump the prices up.. Stick a few posts on Twitter, every few days, and point them to your Slipperybean.com website. I get 4 or 5 orders a week, for my panties, more for videos etc. only been doing this a couple months as well, so im happy. Emma

We like Emma’s confidence.. She is really enjoying the amount of time she can now spend with her kids.. The income she is making is a bonus as well :-)


We will be posting more of the responses from our girls over the next few weeks.




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